Caroline Leevers is the force behind Callie & Co Design, a Canberra-based graphic design studio that creates brands to be proud of. Precise and meticulous, her skill lies in understanding what makes a business tick and tailoring the image to fit its personality and customers. Originally from Oxford in England, calligraphy and colouring were her first loves and typography & colour remain her key tools.

Her inspiration comes from many sources, including architecture & interiors, fashion, furniture, book & magazine design, big cities, small shops and walks along the beach.

Caroline lives with her husband of 17 years and four children. When she’s not running Callie & Co, visiting Callie’s House and nurturing her family, she spends time indulging in her other design passions – interior & garden design – in her new home.

Books, magazines, music and film are constant companions and she has a long history of travel, having seen some of the world’s great sites, although with small children now, you’re more likely to find her sifting through rockpools and jumping over waves on Australia’s coast. She counts her children, good coffee in a pavement café, the ocean, the endorphin high after a circuits class, Selfridges in London, nights out with girlfriends and nights in with her husband as the best things in life.