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A Little Bird Made Me

March 31, 2016

A Little Bird Made Me is run by Theresa van Gessel, a little bird who makes things and works from her rural base near Canberra. Her talents with textiles extend from funky bags to baby bibs and she regularly creates bespoke pieces for clients who want something individually crafted from her treasure trove of fabrics.

Little BirdTheresa commissioned Callie & Co Design to create a new brand for her. While her quirky little bird logo had sentimental value (drawn by her daughter), she was ready for a new direction. Theresa is a real mix of conventional (she was a lawyer in a former life) and bohemian, with a passion for fabric (she would call it an addiction!) and a rural property near Canberra.

birdopt1birdopt2In response, I created three brand concepts for Theresa to choose from. The first was a set of three little birds in primary brights with pattern fills to reflect fabric swatches. The second was more feminine and used the idea of birds sitting on a wire. I’m very happy to say that she loved all three, but the one she chose used softer bright colours and a simple line graphic of a little bird within a bigger bird. I used positive and negative space to create the icon, which was designed to tell the story that Theresa is a little bird, but being a mother (a bigger bird) is also a major factor in her business. Placing the typewriter text around the icon makes the logo neat but handmade in feel and allows it to sit as a colour on white, or as white on top of a colour. She chose it because it found the balance between quirky and modern.



She decided to have business cards and swing tags printed in all three colours so she could mix and match according to her mood. We also looked at packaging concepts that would be flexible enough to work for varying shapes and sizes of product.

bird3 bird7bird2
We worked on the idea of a plain white card wraparound sleeve, which could be embellished with an ink stamp. This was produced and ink pads in the three colours were sourced. The solid nature of the logo lends itself very well to the stamp, and gives a country style feel to what is otherwise a modern shape, suiting Theresa’s country setting.

bird5 bird6

Swing tags were created with the words “a little bird…” to which Theresa adds a label to continue the sentence, telling the story about how the product was made and the love that has gone into each creation.

This is one of my favourite projects of last year. Theresa was decisive and focused, which made the brief easy to follow, and I enjoyed the process of sketching birds and playing with the right type and colours, so I’m thrilled that she loves the results.