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January 28, 2015

Can you define yourself in four words? The English language is full of beautifully descriptive vocabulary, so there’s almost too much choice when you’re trying to sum yourself up. My words might be… DETERMINED. SPONTANEOUS. OPTIMISTIC. TASTEFUL. But catch me on a different day, and I might give you a different answer.

It’s different for a business. Finding these key words, sticking to them and using them as a mantra is important to establishing and growing the personality of your brand. When meeting a new client, one of the first things I do is ask this question, not of them, but of their business. What image do they want to give the world, what are the characteristics of their product, what is their message? It’s a challenging exercise, but once you’ve got your words, they not only form the foundation of your brand, but help to shape your identity as you grow.

Callie & Co is summed up by these ones… FRESH. FRIENDLY. VERSATILE. CREATIVE.

Perhaps your words are… SUBTLE. ELEGANT. HANDCRAFTED. INDIVIDUAL. Maybe… ETHEREAL. ORGANIC. LIGHTHEARTED. PRETTY. Or they could be… FOCUSED. TRADITIONAL. HONEST. SECURE. In any case, the words start to paint a picture of the personality of the business, and are one of my key tools in establishing the logo, colours, fonts and other visual tools.

I’ve had some fun creating and photographing these word tags, which are a great tool for mood boards. What are your words?



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Shades of Grey

January 26, 2015

One day, I will have a view like this every morning, but in the meantime, I’ll just take colour inspiration from this peaceful beach photograph I took in New Zealand. This is why I create a mood board for my clients at the beginning of the process. A collection of images not only sums up a feeling, personality or style, but also creates its own colour scheme.

I’ll accessorise this view with a grey cashmere sweater and scarf, a warm mug of freshly roasted coffee, crazy dog and sandy children. There. All cobwebs blown away….