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Morris Major

February 11, 2016

I love a simple plan, but know how very hard designers have to work to achieve simplicity. An example of this is the work of London and New York design studio, Pearlfisher on a NY food business called Morris.

Starting with a food truck in 2011, Morris made an unrivalled grilled cheese sandwich, putting the truck on the New York map. Expansion a few years later led to a test kitchen, sandwich shop, catering company and pop-ups. The resulting brand had to be multi-faceted and adaptable. The genius of the design is in the adaptation of six simple industrial letters to create a suite of sub-brands that are future proof, recognisable, coherent and just, well, perfect. The full project can be seen on Identity Designed.

Take a look.


Branding, Typography

Just my Type

April 23, 2015


I’ve been doing some work with the wonderful team at Handmade Canberra, who run successful markets at the exhibition park and a divine shop in the city centre. My blog for them is entitled Brandmade Canberra and explains step by step how small businesses can benefit from planning when it comes to their brands. Today’s post was about typography, and I found that when I started to write, the rules of typography seemed a little dry on their own. So I put together a collage of amazing typography and the result was so pretty, I just had to post it here as well.

As a very young child, writing my name was fascinating and I practised my handwriting more than is normal. Being left handed caused some challenges, but getting a left hand nib for my fountain pen led to many more hours of writing. And the typography obsession stuck. I hand wrote my wedding invitations, enjoy writing letters (who does that anymore?!) and don’t get me started on my discovery of gold & silver ink! So, becoming a graphic designer was probably written in the stars and it still surprises me that I took so long to realise this. But guess what? I love nothing more than working on a logo in which the words are the main focus.

So here’s my edit of some great contemporary typography. Enjoy.